Audit Job Reports

Audit Job Reports


Detailed or summarized reports for the audit jobs created can be downloaded from here. You can also filter the listed jobs by Date Range, Fund Name, Status, Staff Name, Role, and Label to download desired reports.
You can also apply the filters and save them with a name so that, whenever you want to download the report with the same filters, the saved filters will be applied automatically to the current list of documents.

You can include Completed and Deleted jobs or view only jobs with contravention. You can reset the filters by clicking the Reset icon next to the Filter button.

All the filters are available at the top of the page and will be visible by default, if you want to collapse the filter menu, you can click the Filter icon to process forward.

How to Name and Save applied filters

Step 1:- Once you have successfully logged into the platform, click on  Audit Job Reports

Step 2:- Now click on the Filter icon to open the filter slider.
Step 3:- Apply the required filters for the desired report and click on the Heart icon to save the applied filters as favorites.
Step 4:- A text box will now appear where you can name the saved filter. Once you have given a name to the selected filters to save with, hit Save.

Step 5:- Your applied filters will now be saved and can be viewed by clicking on the Favourite drop-down from the top right. You can also click on the Delete icon to delete the saved filter.

How to Download a Report

Step 1:- From the Audit Job Reports page, apply the filters as per your requirement or choose from the Favourites.

Note:- Applying filters is not a compulsion, this step can be skipped.

Step 2:- Now click on Export as Excel and choose any one from Export a Summary Report or Export a Detailed Report

Step 4:- Now click on Export. 

Step 5:- A pop-up warning will appear, click on Yes to continue.
Step 6:- A report will be exported and saved on your device.

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