Audit Letters and Reports

Audit Letters and Reports


The report templates have been organized into two main categories: Pre-Audit Templates and Post-Audit Templates.

Pre-Audit Templates:

  1. Audit Engagement Letter
  2. Trustee Representation Letter
  3. Ethical Clearance Letter

Post-Audit Templates:

  1. Audit Report
  2. Management Letter
  3. Section 129 Notice

After completing an audit job, the auditor has the ability to generate relevant documentation for the Audit Report. This report can then be shared directly with the accountant. Additionally, the system now allows for the sharing of multiple post-audit reports for jobs received from Sorted, all at once.

Pre-Audit and Post-Audit Reports:

  • Columns: Report Name, Tag, Auditors, Year, Shared on, Modified on, and Actions.

  • Action Column: Allows View, Edit in MS Office, Regenerate, Share with the Firm, Download Reports, and Delete actions.

  • Checkbox for Pre-Audit Reports: By clicking the checkbox next to Report Names in the Pre-Audit section, action buttons for Download Reports, Download Signed Reports, and Delete become available.

Download MS Plugin:

  • By clicking this button, users can download the MS Plugin for enhanced functionality. Click here to know more about MS Plugin.

Filtering and Resetting Filters:

  • Users can filter data by clicking the Filter button in the top right corner.
  • Filters can be applied for Report Name, Tag, Auditor, and Year.
  • Applied filters can be reset using the Reset filter icon.

How to Generate and Share Post Audit Reports in Bulk

Step 1:- Click on Audit > Manage Jobs > My Audit Job.
Step 2:- Click on the fund and go to the Fund Dashboard.

Step 3:- Click on Audit Letters & Reports > Audit Letters & Reports.

Step 4:- Now click on Generate Report icon.

Step 5:- Once the report is successfully generated a confirmation toast message will appear on the right bottom corner of your screen.

Also, the disabled checkbox will now be enabled.

Step 6:- You can now select the Post Audit Reports and performs an action in Bulk like. 
  1. Download Reports

  1. Download Signed Reports 

  1. Delete 

How to View Report:

Step 1:- Go to the Fund Dashboard and click on Audit Letters and Reports > View Reports (from the three-dot menu icon).

Step 2:- This will open the report for viewing.

How to Edit Pre/Post Audit Report in MS Office:

Step 1:- Start by downloading the MS Plugin.

Step 2:- Go to the Fund Dashboard and click on Audit Letters and Reports.

Step 3:- Select the report that you want to edit in MS Office and click on the three-dot icon.
Step 4:- From the menu, select the Edit in MS Office option.

Step 5:- A Word document will be downloaded, allowing you to edit as required. Changes made in the document via MS Office will be automatically updated in the portal.

How to Regenerate Pre/Post-Audit Reports:

Step 1:- Once a report is generated, you can update it by clicking on Regenerate with Default.

Step 2:- This will update the report with all the latest information.

How to Upload Signed Report:

Step 1:- If a report needs to be signed, you can upload the signed document.
Step 2:- Access the report and click on the Upload Signed Report option.

Step 3:- Drag and Drop the signed document or browse and select the file to upload.

Step 4:- Click Save to complete the process.

Downloading a Report:

Step 1:- To download a report, click on Download Report or Download Signed Report from the three-dot menu.

Step 2:- You can also click on Delete Report to compare any of the existing reports.

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