Downloading & Reviewing the Sorted Workpaper File

Downloading & Reviewing the Sorted Workpaper File


This article will showcase how to download the Sorted Workpaper files with supporting documents all in one single PDF and Zip file which will help to ease the review and storage.
The Sorted Workpaper file can now be generated into a single PDF file and the earlier version of files generated into a zip file has been enabling again.

Downloading Sorted Workpaper File:

Follow the steps below to learn more about this feature.

Step 1:- Go to the Fund Dashboard of the job you want to generate the summary from Clients > Manage Clients > Manage Jobs.

Step 2:- From the Fund Dashboard, click on View Sorted Workpaper File.

Step 3:- From the appearing page, click on Generate Sorted File.

Step 4:- A pop-up will appear, select the items that you want to include in the Sorted Workpaper file and click on the OK button.

Note: You can select from Single PDF and ZIP options to download the Generated Sorted Workpaper File.

Step 5:- The Download button will appear. Click on Download > Local Drive to download the work paper file into your computer as shown below.
Note: You can also select the other two options (Save to FYI and Save to Class DMS) to download the Sorted Workpapers

Step 6:- Once you click, you can now view the progress on your screen.

Step 7:- The Sorted Workpaper file will be downloaded now and you can view it by clicking. The file will cover the different sections of workpapers, auto-tagged reports and all supporting docs in it. 

Step 8: Once the Zip file is downloaded, Extract the file from the local drive. Right-click on the Zip file and select Extract All.

Step 9: Click on Extract again from the appearing pop-up.

Step 10: The Document will be extracted and you can now simply click on the PDF and open it.

Step 11: Once open, click on the Scroll Wheel or CTRL + Left-Click.

Reviewing Sorted Workpaper File:

Note: The Sorted Workpaper file is generated into a single PDF file.  Earlier this file was generated into a zip file and users were required to extract it from the zip folder and open it in Google Chrome which is not required now. Users can open and use it in the PDF itself and use the hyperlinks available within the PDF file.
  1. After opening the file, click on the document outlines and open the bookmark panel to navigate different sections of the Workpaper file.

  • Click on the WP icon to open the supporting document tagged on the line item.

  • The specific page and the location of the tagged document will be opened where the bookmark is placed. You can review the supporting document and click on the bookmark icon as shown below. The hyperlink will redirect you back to the line items of the statement of financial position or operating statement. You can review the financials without leaving the Workpaper file.

  • Click on the Permanent Documents bookmark to review the Permanent Docs. Click on the specific document name to open the document. Use the bookmark panel to go back to the permanent docs list. Similarly, you can review the Additional Docs and Prior Year Docs.

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