Errors and Troubleshooting

Errors and Troubleshooting


Certainly, here's a condensed knowledge base article that summarizes the common errors and  troubleshooting steps for Cloudoffis-related issues:

In the course of using Cloudoffis for auditing purposes, you might encounter various errors. Here are common errors and how to troubleshoot them:

1. BGL Authority Error when Creating a Job

  • Problem: You receive a BGL returned an Authority Error when creating a job in Auditomation.
  • Solution:
    • Step 1: Try importing the client from the Manage Clients page:

      • Go to Manage Clients.

      • Click on Import New Client.

      • Enter BGL 360 credentials 

      • Give Authorization.

      • Select the client and click Import Selected Clients.

After the above process, you will receive a message, Already Exists in the Status column of the imported client. Once done, try creating a job.

  • Step 2: Update settings in BGL 360:

    • In the BGL360 Menu, go to Integrations.

    • Find Cloudoffis - SMSF auditomation and click Edit.

    • Click the green button next to Assigned Entities.

    • Ensure Allowing future entities to be accessible by default is on.

    • Move funds from Disabled Entities to Enabled.

2. BGL Workpaper - Failed to Download Error

  • Problem: You encounter a red download icon when trying to import BGL Workpapers.

  • Solution: This error may occur due to:

    • Expired API Authority.

    • Documents are being removed from BGL.

    • Errors related to access in the accounting software.

  • Actions: Refer to the detailed troubleshooting steps in the original documentation based on the specific cause.

3. Microsoft Office Plugin Installation Issues

  • Problem: You are experiencing issues installing the Microsoft Office plugin.

  • Solution:

    • Reinstall MS Office.

    • Uninstall the MS Cloudoffis Plugin.

    • Uninstall MS Office.

    • Restart your computer.

    • Reinstall MS Office.

    • Reinstall the MS Cloudoffis Plugin.

    • Open Word and check for the Cloudoffis menu.

4. Bookmarking Error for Files Not in PDF Format

  • Problem: When bookmarking files in SMSF Sorted, you see an error stating the file is not in PDF format.

  • Solution: This error occurs if the file is not in PDF format or if the file name contains forbidden characters, including "#". To resolve this:

    • Rename the file outside of SMSF Sorted.

    • Remove forbidden characters, such as "#".

    • Re-upload the file.

These troubleshooting steps should help you address common issues you may encounter while using Cloudoffis for auditing. If you need further assistance, contact support with detailed information about the error and your system configuration.

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