Formatting Templates in MS Office

Formatting Templates in MS Office


If you're encountering uneven formatting problems with your report templates in the MS Plugin, it could be due to hidden formatting carried over from other sources. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1:- Search for Notepad in the Windows search bar and launch the Notepad application.

Step 2:- Copy the content from the Word document. Paste the copied content into Notepad.

Step 3:- Notepad will now remove all formatting now, copy the content again from Notepad. This version will be free from any formatting.

Step 4:- Open the report template downloaded from Cloudoffis via the MS Plugin in MS Word.

Step 5:- Locate and click the Clear Formatting option. It's usually found in the MS Word toolbar.

Step 6:-This step removes any existing formatting from the selected text and ensures the content is added without hidden formatting.

Step 7:- After clearing the formatting, paste the content copied from Notepad. This ensures the content is added without hidden formatting.

Step 8:- Apply the desired formatting using MS Word's formatting options.

By following these steps, you'll resolve formatting issues caused by hidden formatting when copying content to MS Plugin report templates. This approach maintains a clean and consistent formatting structure for your Cloudoffis documents.

Adding/Updating Header & Footer in Report Templates

Follow these steps to seamlessly add or update header and footer sections in your report templates:

Step 1:- Double-click on the header or footer section where you want to insert the logo or content. This action allows you to access the header or footer area.

Step 2:- To add a logo or content, you can copy and paste an image directly.


Step 2:- Alternatively, go to the Insert menu and select Pictures. Choose the desired image to insert.

Step 3:- Double-clicking on the header or footer area triggers the HEADER & FOOTER TOOLS menu at the top. This menu is relevant to header and footer customization.

Step 4:- Use the options provided in the HEADER & FOOTER TOOLS menu to set up and customize your header and footer. This includes adding text, images, page numbers, dates, and more.

Step 5:- To extend the header or footer to the far left or right side, utilize the Indent function from the PAGE LAYOUT menu. This ensures proper alignment and layout.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly add or update header and footer sections in your report templates. Utilize the customization options to enhance the appearance and structure of your documents.

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