How to Unlock a Completed Audit Job

How to Unlock a Completed Audit Job


Once an audit job is marked as completed, no further actions can be performed except for generating and downloading the audit file. If you need to perform additional actions, you must unlock the audit job by changing its status from Completed to any other option. Follow these steps to unlock a completed audit job:

Step 1: Navigate to the Audit > Manage Jobs > Completed Audit Job.
Step 2: Locate the completed audit job you want to unlock from the list of jobs.
Step 3: Click on the Unlock Audit File icon next to the completed audit job.

Step 4: On the appearing screen, select any status you want to put the selected job in and hit Change Status.

Step 5: Click Yes from the appearing pop-up to continue.

Step 6: You will recieve a confirmation toast message and the status will be changed and the job will be moved to Audit > Manage Jobs > My Audit Job.

By following these steps, you will be able to unlock the completed audit job and perform necessary action.
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