How to View a Document and use its features

How to View a Document and use its features


To view the document, follow the steps given below.
Step 1:- Click on DMS, from there select the fund from where you want to download the document and click on it.

Step 2:- From the appearing page, select the folder and the document that you want to view.
Step 3:- Now click on the three-dot icon from the action column and select the View option from there. 

Step 4:- The document will now be opened and now you can perform the following functions from there. These features will be very useful for large documents with numerous pages.
Page View:- Initially, when you open the document, on the left-hand side, there will be an overview of the pages with numbers underneath them. You can click on Panel icon to remove the page overview on the left and enlarge the document.

  1. View Controls:- Changes in Transition, Orientation, and Layout can be performed from here.
    1. Page Transition:- You can change page transition if you want page-by-page transition or a continuous page transition.
    2. Page Orientation:- You can change page orientation as well by clicking on Rotate Clock-wise or Rotate Counter Clock-wise options.
    3. Page Layout:- You can change the layout of the pages, you can keep it either SingleDoubleCover Facing, or even Compare the page side by side whenever required.

  1. Page Size:- You can also increase or decrease the page size if needed.

  1. Document Text Search:- You can click on the Search icon and enter the text to search for it in the document. Wherever a similar text is found, page no. and the line will be listed. Also, on the page, the text will be highlighted with yellow color. You can also choose if you want your searched text to be Case Sensitive or Whole Word.

  1. Add and View Comments:- You can click on the Comment icon to add a comment. You can also change the color of the comment box by clicking on the pallet icon that appears when clicked on the comment icon. You can also Delete the comment once the comment is resolved. From the View Comment icon, you can also perform actions like filtering and Sorting.

  1. Highlight Texts:- You can also highlight the text with the same color of the comment to add the comment to the text.

  1. Hamburger menu:- All the actions that can be performed from the Hamburger menu are as under.

    1. Full Screen:- You can click on this option to expand the file view to full screen.

    1. Download:- You can click on the Download option to download the document.

    1. Print:- You can also print the document by clicking the print option from the hamburger menu.

    1. Dark Mode:- A newly added feature of Dark Mode has been added to view the document so that eyestrain reduces.

    1. Roll Forward:- On the top left corner of your screen, you would be able to see an option of Roll Forward to Next Year. By clicking on the checkbox next to it,  the document will be carried forward to next year with the tags, bookmarks, highlights, and comments.

    1. Pan:- By selecting the Pan option, you would be able to move the document Left & Right and Up & Down.

    1. Select:- This will enable the cursor and if clicked upon Added BookmarkComment, or Highlight, it will give the option to Delete and Change Colour for the features used.

How to add a Bookmark in a document and use it

If the document is tagged to any line item, then below are the steps to follow to add a bookmark.
Step 1:- Click on the Bookmark option from the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 2:- Now click wherever you want to place the bookmark.
Step 3:- A pop-up text box will now appear on your screen, enter the text and hit Save.

Step 4:- On the left-hand side, the details of the bookmark will be added to the list. The details will include Bookmark text, Page no., Added By, and Action.

Step 5:- You can simply click on the delete button under the Action column to delete the bookmark. You can also click on Remove all bookmarks from the bottom right corner to remove all the added bookmarks altogether.

That's it, these are all the features of a document.
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