November/December 2017 Release Notes

November/December 2017 Release Notes

What's New

Welcoming myob AO and SuperMate to the Cloudoffis Family

Cloudoffis is now fully integrated with myob AO & SuperMate allowing you to easily connect with your client's funds within this software.As these are desktop versions the process is similar to the current process for BGL Desktop.

Permanent Document Folder Rollover

Documents saved in Permanent Documents folder will be automatically rolled over to the next year. This enables auditors to quickly access permanent documents while conducting the next year's audit.

Software Switching Made Easy

If your client has migrated to another accounting software (eg. from BGL to Class or vice versa), you can now easily switch to that software to update client details during the create Audit Job process. This eliminates the need to delete and recreate a client and allows firms to maintain one historic audit record. Simply select the drop down menu and select the new audit software while creating audit job.

Statement of Financial Position & Operating Statements

The Statement of Financial Position & Operating Statement are now available for immediate review. These will open in a new tab and can remain open during the entire review process for ease of access.

Add Annotations & Page Bookmarks

There is now additional functionality to bookmark pages and add annotations for review. This feature can be used to highlight review points raised for the Auditor by Audit Managers or to simply add a comment regarding a bookmark. Once bookmarked a Supporting Documents icon will appear on the line of the desired reference, when selected the bookmarked page will open and annotation notes will also appear if created.

Audit Job Status now captures Name and records time stamp

Each time the status of the job is updated, we will capture and provide a status view for a quick summary of who completed which task and when.

Workflow Stage & Status Displayed at all times within Audit Job

Simply click stage to progress, this will be captured with the users details.

What's Improved

Improvements in Review Points

Word Limit

We have removed the word limit for replying or adding review points.

Easy Access

Easily view assigned review points from the notifications. When Icon is clicked and review point selected the user will be directed to the review points list.

Blue Flags

When you create a new review point, a blue flag is created and becomes a hyperlink to the specific review point.

Simplified Searches

Users now have the ability to search using phrases, sentences or numbers and if there is a comma missing or incorrect spacing our new logic will locate content.

New Option to Generate Audit Files

Due to the downloading of audit files being time consuming, there is now an option to generate audit file. When the file has been generated you will receive an email notification advising that the audit file is ready for downloading. The option to download will not be available until file has been generated.

What's Improved/Rectified

  • In BGL income is usually downloaded as negative figures, as a result our materiality was not being calculated correctly, this has been rectified.
  • The Review Points pane no longer keeps previous review points open when scrolling through different funds. Each time you select a fund you will see review points for this fund only.
  • LRBA checklists are now included in the audit file for download.
  • Analytical Procedure percentage discrepancy has been rectified.
  • The Pie Chart display on the Audit Job dashboard will now reflect the correct status.
  • NA will now appear in Caps

What's In the Pipeline

  • Revamp of the audit job dashboard
  • Improvements in the Re-import feature - Partially released
  • Improvements to Re-map lead schedule items
  • Option to order title search for properties from within Cloudoffis
  • Sign here stickers in reports & letters
  • Page Tagging from within Checklists
  • HTML Report functionality will be greatly improved
  • Additional rights to company admin - Partially released
  • Ability to link lead schedule item with general ledger items - Partially released
  • Enhanced Audit job reports with customisation.

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