The Plan consists of checklists and is categorized into four sections: Permanent, Analytical Procedure, Preliminary File Setup, and Financial Report Program


  • Permanent, Preliminary File Setup, and Financial Report Program Checklists:

    • Each checklist includes Procedures that include action descriptions. 
    • The status column allows selecting Completed or N/A as needed. 
    • The Last Updated Date and Time are displayed. 


  • Action Buttons: 

    • Comment: Add comments for each procedure as required. 

    • Tag: View tagged and supporting documents. 

    • Ellipses: Create a query related to the procedure. 

    • Query: View added queries. 

  • Tagging Documents to Line Items: 

    • Uploaded documents can be tagged to line items via the drag-and-drop method. 
    • Documents can be searched by name using the search icon. Follow the steps given below to tag any document to any line items.

Step 1:- Click on Fund DashboardPlan > Permanent


Step 2:- Now click on Documents and now select Folder, this will wide open all the documents in that folder.


Step 3:- Simply drag and drop the document to any of the line items where you want to tag it.


Step 4:- The document will be successfully tagged and it will open automatically and the tag icon will change its color.

Note: Only uploaded documents can be tagged, not files and folders.

  • Description and Conclusion: 

    • Summarize the entire process by adding Descriptions and Conclusions

    • Click on Description/Conclusion and add text in the appearing pop-up text box. 

    • You can Add a Conclusion and Description for each of the available checklists by typing the text in the text box and clicking on Save.

  • Progress Tracking: 

    • Activities/Tasks completed in percentage displayed in the left main menu. 


  • Additional Actions: 

    • From the top right corner, access the three-dot icon to create a query, Check All Completed or Uncheck All, or Load Pre-Defined comments without replacing existing ones.

  • Analytical Procedure: 

    • Primarily used for materiality purposes and data comparison between the current and previous years.

    • This page gives an overview of the financial data with the Current Year and the Previous Year amount. You can click on the name of the Version file, and it will redirect you to another tab with detailed information

    • Files are generated when clients are imported from accounting software and saved as Version 1

    • Subsequent re-imports create new file versions (e.g., Version 4 for the 4th re-import).

    • To know more, click here.


    • The information available in the generated file: 

      • Procedure, Current Year, and Previous Year columns

      • Variance in % and amount, and an indication of rise or fall in the Current Year compared to the Previous Year

      • Text boxes for adding Materiality and Comments

      • The total of the Current and Previous Years for each bucket is displayed in the top right corner. 

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