Sign Off - Prepared, Reviewed and Audited By

Sign Off - Prepared, Reviewed and Audited By


We've introduced a new feature on the Fund Dashboard to streamline the process of sharing audit files with the ATO and reduce manual efforts. This feature allows users to track the individuals responsible for preparing, reviewing, and auditing the audit file, along with the respective dates of completion.

How It Works:

Dashboard Integration:

On the Fund Dashboard, you'll find three checkboxes labelled Prepared By, Reviewed By, and Audited By, along with calendar icons.
Select the checkboxes once completed the respective activity.

Date Selection:

Upon clicking the checkboxes, select the completion date using the calendar feature.
You can also select a backdate if required.

Display of Information:

Once the checkboxes and dates are selected, users' names and the selected dates will be displayed when hovering over the respective option.
This ensures transparency and accountability regarding the audit file's preparation, review, and auditing process.

Integration into Audit Workpaper File:

When generating the audit workpaper file, this information will be prominently displayed on the second page.
Users can easily reference who prepared, reviewed, and audited the file, along with the corresponding dates, ensuring compliance and transparency.
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