1. The Process is categorized into Assets, Liabilities, Member Entitlements, Income, Expenses, and Review Checklist.
  2. All these headings are subdivided into Buckets and they are further divided into Line Items.
  3. All of the buckets have their own checklists and documents.

Bucket Overview

  1. At the start, the page displays buckets with related transactions.
  2. Observations are indicated by the "i" icon, if the icon is Red, it means the observation is in Warning and if the icon is in Blue it means that the observation is in Good To Go. This button enables users to View, Comment, Mark as Warning, or Mark as Good To Go in a pop-up window.
  3. Clicking on arrows next to the bucket heading displays all related line items/ transactions.

  1. You can simply click on the checkbox next to the line items to mark the line item as Audited.

  1. The Title Search was ordered for any bucket, you can view it from the bucket heading by the Title Search icon.


  1. The page contains a checklist, with each item presenting a Procedure and its Description.
  2. The Status column offers checkboxes for Completed or N/A selections. You can also select Completed or N/A in bulk by clicking on the checkbox next to the bucket name.
  3. The last Updated Date and Time are displayed.

Action Buttons

  1. Comment: Allows adding comments for each procedure as needed.
  2. Tag: Lists all tagged and supporting documents.
  3. Ellipses: Enables creating queries related to the procedure.
  4. Query: Allows viewing added queries.

Tagging Documents to Line Items

  1. Uploaded documents can be tagged to line items using the drag-and-drop method.
  2. To upload any document, click on Documents
  3. Now select Folder and then the Document.
  4. Now drag the document from the left side and drop it to the line item where you want to tag it. 
  5. Once tagged, the document will be shown by a colored tagged icon with no. of tagged documents in that line item on it.
Note: Only uploaded documents can be tagged, not files and folders. Documents can be searched by name using the search icon.

Description and Conclusion

  1. Users can summarize the entire process by adding Descriptions and Conclusions.
  2. Clicking on Description/Conclusion allows entering text in the appearing pop-up text box and Save.

Additional Actions

From the top right corner, you can view Fund Details like Status, Label, Assigned Staff, and Total Completion %.
You can also view the available documents or Upload Documents from here.

For further information or assistance, please contact at
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