Release 3.0

Release 3.0

Dashboard Overview

Highlighting the additional functionality of the new dashboard and a brief description of the new functions



Already Released Improvements


·         Re-import feature with override or delete existing data options.

·         Introduction of a trash button on documents page to enable visibility of deleted documents with the ability to undo.

·         Tagged documents now appear in the tagged documents folder of the audit file.

·         Percentages added to each line item in the SIS checklist enabling you to see which items remain incomplete at a glance.


New and Improved Audit Job Dashboard


·         Audit jobs will now open instantly after creation 

·         The Job Dashboard has everything at a glance with improved visibility and helpful links eliminating the need to navigate out of audit job for certain functions

·         Introduction of a risk matrix which has editable default settings enabling you to instantly view the complexity of the audit. This will help with knowing who to assign particular audits.

·         Additional functionality to raise queries and review points, queries can be assigned to internal and external parties and are segregated.

·         Observations (Red Flags) are now visible on the dashboard with helpful links and the ability to change the status after review, we have also introduced different levels of observations to reflect  what should be focused on.

·         No less than 10 new links appear on the dashboard allowing for easier navigation through the audit process.

·         Improved Materiality Assessment functionality.

·         ​Line item hyperlinks now open a pop up to the relevant data within the general ledger.

·         ​Users can now bookmark documents to any checklists.

·         Switching to another audit job made easy with a handy search bar added above the dashboard. This will make switching to previous year's audits seamless.


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