Release 4.3

Release 4.3

Release 4.3

Thank you for all of your invaluable feedback & suggestions. Some of these have taken time to build but it is very exciting to see them available. We still have many suggestions and ideas under review and many more scheduled for release on our road map, please keep those great ideas coming!


  1. Huge array of bookmarking enhancements allowing for unlimited flexibility.
  2. Comment options added on lead schedule line items.
  3. Default Checklist added for funds with Zero Taxation Balances.
  4. New Default view for lead schedules and checklist.
  5. Column Headings now freeze top row for added convenience.


  1. Multiple updates in BGL 360 Chart of Account logic, general codes have been updated to specifically allocate as per BGL 360 updates.
  2. Negative asset amounts now include - sign (relevant BGL 360 only).
  3. Time stamp updated for entire portal, default is AEDT.
  4. Multiple updates to improve SMSF sorted job import.

Document Attaching & Bookmarking Enhancements

All previous tools are available and behave as they have but we have added additional functionality for an enhanced user experience. For further details on this new function please refer here (under construction). Please be aware that all documents have to be uploaded to Cloudoffis before they can be dragged & Dropped.

The image below identifies the 3 additional levels that can be bookmarked using the search or Drag & Drop options, all of these options can be bookmarked regardless of how the document was attached (Search or Drag & Drop)

NOTE: Any documents that were previously attached to the supporting documents section at the bottom of the section using the Drag & Drop option (with no bookmarking capability) will now be automatically added to the section level and these can now be bookmarked if preferred.

Free Text Option Added to Lead Schedule Line Items

Based on a great deal of feedback we have added an additional chat bubble on lead schedule lines to enable free text to be added. Similar to our Free text 

No Free Text view

After Free Text View

Adding Free Text Tools

  1. Delete, only creator can delete text.
  2. Box to type text. 100 character limit. A scroll bar will be added for long text.
  3. Save, once saved a confirmation will appear in the lower right of screen 

Zero Taxation Balance Checklist Addition

New default added when a fund has no Taxation Balance Lead Schedule Items, Checklist will now appear regardless of whether this data is imported or is empty. For further information on how this may impact existing jobs after re-import please refer Here .

Default View for Lead Schedules and Checklist

Previously our default was a minimised lead schedule section or checklist section with pane scroll bar and the option to maximise, following significant feedback these sections will now default to maximised with an option to minimise.

Minimised (previous default)

Maximised (new default)

Minimise or Maximise Toggle

Lead Schedule example

Checklist Example

Column Heading Enhancement

All reports will now always show column headings regardless of where you scroll to within the report.
General ledger Example

Comprehensive guides are under construction, the below video captures everything you need to know right now.

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