Release 5.2

Release 5.2

1) Update in Job Stage and Statuses

Below will be new in the job stage and status:
  1. On Hold : Introducing a new stage and status. This is in purpose to use to keep any job on hold and can be used in managing workflow. The accountant will also be able to see the stage as On Hold in their portal.
  2. Waiting for Preparer :  We have added a new status to know when the job is with the Audit Preparer.

Below statuses will be having the change in terminology, but no change in its functionality:
  • Waiting for Response terminology changed to Waiting for Client : when the audit firm is expecting a response or documents from the client.
  • Pending Manager's Review  terminology changed to Waiting for Manager : when the job is with the Manager
  • Pending Auditor's Review terminology changed to Waiting for Auditor : when the job is with Auditor

2) Update from SuperMate Client import

While importing client, selection of the financial year is a must. It is set as per SuperMate access requirement.

3) View Documents for SMSF Sorted jobs

Auditors can view documents uploaded by the accountants from the Process job page, before importing the job for the jobs submitted from Sorted. 

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