SMSF Sorted Release 2.0

SMSF Sorted Release 2.0

SMSF Sorted Release 2.0

Re-Submit to Cloudoffis auditor

When an SMSF Sorted job has been updated after being submitted to a Cloudoffis Auditor, a job can be Re-submitted to the auditor and they will now have the ability to re-import the changes to their Audit job. 

Once the job is re-submitted, the auditor will have the option to re-import the data.

How the re-import logic from sorted to auditomation works:

  1. Only new Source documents from Sorted will be sent across. 

  2. The Class reports that are automatically pulled in from SMSF Sorted will be sent over as a second version without replacing the original.

(This is to ensure that any notes made on the original PDFs are not lost)

New Menu Items (Queue Job Menu)

There are 3 new menu items in the 3 dot menu drop down in the Queue jobs menu. 

These are:

  1. View DMS

  2. Upload Document

  3. Assign/remove Staff 

These shortcut items were added to enhance the manageability of jobs that have not yet had the lead schedule imported and are only being used for document storage. 

Manage Client Screen - Updated View 

There are 2 new functions on the Manage Clients screen designed to help you identify your client lists with annual jobs created. 

  1. New filter: (Select Year)

This feature allows users to filter the list of clients by selecting a year which then only displays the client list with a corresponding job for that year. 

  1. Latest Job Column (By Year)

There is also an additional column listing the year the latest job was created. This is to help you easily sort and identify clients by the most recent job. I.e. track jobs you have created for the current year by your client list without having to search or click in to job screen. 

New Query Module 

The Query module in SMSF Sorted has been revamped and includes a range of new features as well as a new layout. 

Internal Query layout changes & added Functions

There is now an option to submit or submit and email to group email notifications to other users. If the Submit option is chosen multiple times on a single Job, there is a notify button to then groups and send all submitted queries on the one email notification 

The layout of the query conversation has also changed to a text message type layout to easily identify the conversation structure.  

External Queries

External Queries between a connected Sorted portal (An accounting or Financial Planner customer) or your Cloudoffis Auditor are now enabled. 

External Auditor Queries

Review Point - Notes to auditor (After job has been submitted to Auditor)

Review points that are marked as ‘Notes for Auditor’ can now be also sent after the job has been submitted to the auditor. Simply raise a new review point from the completed/submitted job and then mark it as ‘Note for Auditor’ and the review point will instantly be sent to the Cloudoffis Audit portal and appear on the job. 

BGL SMSF Sorted Integration

SMSF Sorted is now integrated to BGL Simple Fund 360. 

Manager Level Permissions

Manager level users will now have access to all jobs in the DMS regardless of if they are assigned to them or not. 

Change in File deduction Logic

Users can now import multiple year jobs for the same fund and the fund is now only consumed once in your subscription logic 

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