SMSF Sorted Release 2.6

SMSF Sorted Release 2.6

Release Contents

New in SMSF Sorted 2.6

Following on from our last release that introduced SMSF Sorted Workpapers, we are very pleased to release a further five workpapers. Please click on the links below for further details on each of these new workpapers.

  1. Unlisted & In-house Assets This workpaper will assist with keeping on top of possible in-house asset
  2. LRBA The LRBA workpaper will assist with documenting the loan details for acquired properties, in particular, if the loan is from a related party
  3. Contributions Independent check of data from your administration software to verify any contribution issues or opportunities for members of the fund
  4. Pensions
    Review the year being prepared as well as the following year to assist with compliance of minimum & maximum pension drawdowns
  5. TBAR Document details affecting members Transfer Balance Accounts

For funds already loaded onto SMSF Sorted, you will need to reimport the Lead Schedule to access the relevant workpaper.

We look forward to your feedback on this new feature as this will help us to enhance the workpapers feature in future releases.

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