Switching the Company Admin Role

Switching the Company Admin Role

How to Switch Users for The Company Admin Role 

There can be only one Company Admin User and this is a role with unrestricted access.

The Company Admin Role is the only role where a user can be both an auditor and an administrator, and the changing of this role can only be performed by the Current Company Admin as per the below instructions

Important Note

If the existing Company Admin does not have Auditor details saved to their profile you will receive the below error after completing step 4.  This error occurs because we change the original Company Admin user to an Audit role when complete (the user role can then be changed or deleted if required).  To avoid this error, please add auditor details to the Company Admin profile befor changing the role. 

To add Auditor details click on your name (Top Right of Screen) and select Profile.
Once opened complete the highlighted fields with random data (eg 123) and save, (phone must be 10 digits no spaces).

Step 1

Go to Admin > Staff

Step 2

Switch users 

Select the Edit icon on the desired user

Step 3

‚ÄčChange Role to Company Admin (Top Option) & Save

Step 4

A confirmation pop up will appear, select yes

Once completed you will be logged out and taken back to the login page

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