Changing Audit Job Status

Changing Audit Job Status

Changing Audit Job Status

The Audit Job Status can be updated from the Fund Dashboard.  You can update the status using the Audit Job Status Bar or the Change Status icon from Fund Dashboard. 

Other options available from the quick box in the job or from My Audit Job.

Option 1 - from Fund Dashboard

Select Change Status from the fund dashboard (top middle of page)

The status menu will then pop up and you can select the appropriate status (eg Completed). For more details on Statuses, please click here

Option 2 - from Audit Job Status Bar

On all pages within an audit job there is an active Audit Status Bar available (top right of page).

Once you select any status by clicking the appropriate dot (the status will display when you hover your icon over the dot), the Status menu will display as per above (within Option 1) and you can select the appropriate status (eg Completed)

Option 3 - Changing Audit Job Status from Quick Box

From the quick box at the top > option to change Status.

Option 4 - from My Audit Job

Go to Audit Jobs from Audit menu > My Audit Job queue > 3 dot menu against the job > Change Status option.

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