Job Stages and Status in Auditomation

Job Stages and Status in Auditomation

Job Stages and Status

Audit Firm updates the status for the work flow and to know the statuses of the job at present. The accountants can view the stage the job is in from their SMSF Sorted portal.

The status can updated from My Audit Job list, Fund Dashboard and Quick box. Please click here to know the process.


There are 5 stages:
  1. Open
  2. Audit in Progress
  3. On Hold
  4. Finalised
  5. Completed
Note: The stages are visible to the Accountants under their Submitted to Auditor jobs list.


Statuses are distributed among the above stages:

  1. Not Started: When the job is submitted by the accountant (Audit to Audit connection and will be replaced by Submitted by Accountant after migration)
  2. Assigned: Once the job has been assigned to the Audit Preparer, Manager and Auditor.
Audit in Progress
  1. Job Started: when job is imported then it is updated automatically as Job Started
  2. Waiting for Client: when the audit firm is expecting response or documents from the client.
  3. Waiting for Preparer: when the job is with Audit Preparer
  4. Waiting for Manager: when the job is with the Manager
  5. Waiting for Auditor: when the job is with Auditor
  6. Review Completed: when the Auditor has completed the the audit review. 
Note: Only after updating "Review Completed" status, the Finalise status will be available to update.
On Hold
  1. On Hold: when due to any reason the job is on hold, the audit firm can use this status to differentiate for the work flow and from the job list.
  1. Reports Sent for Signature: When the reports are sent for signature to the trustees/accountants.
  2. Reports Signed: when the singed reports are received.
  1. Completed: When the job has been completed. This would move this job from My Audit Job queue to Completed Audit Job queue.
    1. Once the audit file is complete you can mark it as complete and therefore remove the Audit Job from the My Audit Job queue to remove clutter. 
Note: If you have rework on it then the Company Admin or Administrator can unlock the file from the Completed Audit Job queue.

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