1. The Documents page provides a centralized location to access all uploaded documents for the fund, organized within their respective folders. To access this page, navigate to the Fund Dashboard and select either Documents or a folder from DMS.

Columns and Sorting

  1. The page displays essential document details in columns such as NameLast Edited onTypeFile SizeOCR, and File Status. You can conveniently sort the data based on NameLast Edited onFile Size, or OCR to quickly find specific documents.

File Status

  1. Under the File Status column, you can track the status of each document. It indicates whether a document has been tagged, roll forwarded, or is yet to be processed.

Document Actions

  1. By clicking on the ellipses icon (three dots) associated with each document, you can perform various actions, including Viewing, Downloading, Renaming, Deleting, or Roll Forwarding the document to the next year.

Document List and Selection

  1. The left side of the screen displays a comprehensive list of all available documents. To select All Documents at once, click on the checkbox located above in the left corner of the list.


  1. You can easily filter the displayed documents by clicking on the checkbox next to Tagged & Roll Forwarded, which allows you to view documents based on their status.


  1. To return to the Fund Dashboard from the Documents page, simply click on the Fund Dashboard button located on the left side of the top taskbar.

Document Search

  1. Use the provided Search bar to quickly find a specific document by its name.

Uploading New Documents

  1. To add new documents to the system, click on the Upload Document option and follow the instructions to upload your files.

Viewing All Documents

  1. By clicking on All Documents, you can access a comprehensive list of all uploaded documents in one place.
  2. This user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage and access all fund-related documents efficiently.
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