How to use Custom Folder for Permanent Documents

How to use Custom Folder for Permanent Documents


The Custom Folder feature of Permanent Document in the Document Management System (DMS) allows users to create custom subfolders within the Permanent Documents. It enables users to upload, manage documents, and add notes or comments at the folder level. This feature streamlines document organization and retrieval, making it easier to maintain a track of permanent documents within the DMS.

Creating Subfolders

Step 1: Click on DMS from the Dashboard landing page.

Step 2: Now select the Fund. 

Step 3: Now click on the Permanent Documents.
Step 4: Click the Add New button.

Step 5: In the pop-up slider, choose Add New Folder.
Step 6: Enter a unique Folder Name (up to 20 characters).
Step 7: Click Save (enabled if you've entered at least one character).

Step 8: A confirmation toast message will appear on your screen.

Step 9: Subfolders will be displayed within the Permanent Documents as shown below.

Adding and Editing Notes/Comments

Follow the steps given below to Add/Edit or Delete Notes.
Step 1: Click Add Notes.

Step 2: Enter a Title (up to 20 characters) and a Description (up to 200 characters).
Step 3: Click Save (enabled if both fields have at least one character).

Step 4: To Edit or Delete notes, click on the respective Icons.

Viewing Notes From Plan > Permanent

Step 1: Click on Plan > Permanent.

Step 2: Now click on Documents.

Step 3: If any Note has been added previously in Permanent Documents, a Note icon will be displayed next to the Folder.

Step 4: Clicking on Folder will wide open the its sub folders below.

Step 5: You can click on the Note icon to View, Edit and Delete the Note.
Step 6: You can also add a Note by clicking on the Add Note icon.

How to Remove Document from Permanent Sub Folder

Step 1: From DMS, select a Fund.

Step 2: Now from any sub-folder of Permanent Documents, click on the three dot icon along side the document.
Step 3: Now select Remove from #Sub Folder Name#.

Step 4: Click on Yes on the appearing pop-up.

Step 5: You will now receive a confirmation toast message on your screen.

Note: This action will only remove the document from the Permanent Sub Folder. The document will still remain in Permanent Documents.

Actions under Permanent Documents

In a subfolder, you can perform the following actions. Click on the respective links to know the complete process.

These steps will help you effectively use the Permanent Documents in the Document Management System to create subfolders, manage documents, and add notes/comments at the folder level.

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