SMSF Sorted Release v3.1.2

SMSF Sorted Release v3.1.2

SMSF Sorted v3.1.2 release 
1. Release of Referenced Audit Workpaper Files in Audit Basic Portal with Improved Look and Feel:
Auditors using Audit Basic portal and are connected with SMSF Sorted accountants, will now have an option to download the Referenced Audit Workpaper Files to finalise their audits. 50 complimentary Referenced Audit Workpaper files will be provided in a year to your auditors. Please click here to view more details.

2. Removal of GST status alert from missing client details:
  • The alert of GST status from missing clients details has been removed. The GST status of the fund can still be viewed from the Client Details page however to reflect the make the observation more meaningful we have removed it.

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