SMSF Sorted Release 2.3

SMSF Sorted Release 2.3

Release Contents

  1. We have introduced new data export functionality from Manage Clients and Manage Jobs. This will provide support for those firms requiring regular data analysis from within SMSF Sorted.

  2. Functionality has been improved to allow bulk document management. Click here to read more in our Knowledge Base.  Also from this release, any newly uploaded document will automatically have OCR run against it. No need to manually process the OCR!

  3. Users now have the ability to manage the columns visible on the Manage Clients and Manage Jobs screen. This is controlled at an individual user level. Click here to learn more.

  4. When raising a query, formatting functionality has been improved to allow line breaks for proper paragraph presentation, rather than a single line of text.

  5. Search functionality in DMS has been improved to now be able to search from words contained within documents, not just the document name. 

  6. The following reports will now be included in the Reports folder when importing from Class: - Annual Return CGT Schedule - SMSF - Annual Return Losses Schedule - SMSF

  7. When generating Workpapers, users now have the ability to select/deselect the Additional Documents folder. When submitted to an auditor these will save in the Other Docs folder in Auditomation by default.

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