Auditomation Basic portal

Auditomation Basic portal


This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your account and using the key features available to you. SMSF Auditomation Basic is designed for auditors whose accountants are using SMSF Sorted Pro. Accountants can complete jobs and send them to auditors using Auditomation Basic.

Setting Up Your Auditomation Basic Account

Receive Connect Request:

  1. Your accountant will send a connect request to your registered email.

Create Your Account:

  1. Open the email from your accountant and click on the Register Now link.

  1. Enter Personal Details and make sure you enter correct email, because you will receive temporary login credentials on this registered email. 

  1. Now hit Submit Request.

  1. You will now receive an email with temporary credentials on registered email, login using the credentials and change password to continue.

Using Auditomation Basic

  1. Once your account is set up, you can perform the following actions:

Dashboard Overview

Submitted Jobs:

  1. Jobs submitted by your accountant will appear under the Submitted By Accountant tab on your Dashboard.

Note: Jobs stay here for as long as 30 days, if no cation has been taken for the jobs, they will be moved to History tab. Once the job is moved to History tab, no further actions can be performed thereafter.


  1. Deleted jobs will be displayed under History tab on the Dashboard.

Downloading Files:

Referenced Work Paper File:

  1. Click on the relevant icon next to a job to download the Referenced Work Paper file.

  1. You can download up to 50 Referenced Work Paper files from a single account.

Audit Source Document File:

  1. Click on the Audit Source Document File icon to generate and download the Audit Source Document.

Note: Audit Source Document File does not include hyper link of any attached reference documents and can be downloaded in unlimited quantity for as many jobs as required without any limitations.

Deleting Jobs:

  1. If you need to delete a job, click on the delete icon next to the job.

  1. Click on Yes from the appearing pop-up to confirm the Delete action.

  1. You will receive a toast message at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Dashboard Statistics

At the top of your Dashboard, you will see the following statistics:
  1. Total Files Received Till Date
  2. Total Files Received in 2024
  3. Referenced Audit Workpaper Files Downloaded
  4. Audit Source Document Files Downloaded

Upgrading to Auditomation Pro

  1. If you want to upgrade to Auditomation Pro, simply click the "Upgrade Now" button on your Dashboard.

Admin Module

View Connected Accountants and Integrations:

  1. In the Admin Module, you can see your connected accountants and manage integrations.

Integrations Information:

  1. To learn more about integrations, click on MFA Authentication and.

Profile and Subscription:

  1. You can edit and view your Profile and Subscription details.

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