SMSF Sorted - Getting Started Checklist

SMSF Sorted - Getting Started Checklist

SMSF Sorted - Getting Started Checklist

It's easy to get started with SMSF Sorted!  We have put together this handy Checklist and a Tutorial Video Series to help you get Sorted.

Step 1 - Follow the link in your Welcome Email to activate your SMSF Sorted Portal. 

Step 3 - Personalise your Dashboard with your Firm Logo. 

Step 4 - Add your Staff Members as users - they will receive their own login credentials.

Step 6 - If applicable, link your Sorted Lite and new Sorted Professional portals. 

Step 7 - Connect your SMSF Sorted Portal to your Auditor. 

Step 8 - Import your Funds from BGL360 or Class.

Step 9 - Create your Jobs for review.

If you require any assistance in getting started please reach out to us on 1300 979 457 OR drop us an email at
You can also raise a support ticket directly from our Knowledge Base - just click the + icon at the top of this page. 

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